You should not try to move accident victims from the scene. True or False

The answer is True. You should not try to move accident victims from the scene. One must never put themselves in any possible position that can place them in jeopardy. Always ensure that the accident scene is secured first, and also that it’s safe for you first.


Accidents happen and are quite common than you would think, and in case you come across one here are a few things that you may want to consider.

An accident scene is chaotic at its best, with several individuals chipping in. That’s why you may want to consider the following before trying to help an accident victim.

The main objective here is to ensure the safety of all concerned and that the accident victim in question gets adequate medical care, and is treated effectively for the same.

However, in the chaos, you may end up being part of the problem rather than the solution, and that is why you need to review the rest of the article carefully.

How to secure accident scenes

If you are part of the trauma team or part of the public, then the first responsibility is to secure the scene of the accident so that the victims can be safely transported and that all evidence as it relates to the accident is recovered safely. Here are a few pointers on how to go about it.

-The first hour is often called the ‘golden hour’ as most physicians term it the same. Simply put, most car crash victims often need to reach an emergency room within those golden sixty minutes to stand a fair chance of survival. This allows most rescue workers no more than 12 minutes to locate the wounded and to transport them to the ambulance.

-It is important to warn members of the public regarding the accident scene. It is essential that you set up warning indicators such as lights, patrol cars, and get the law enforcement officials to divert the oncoming traffic until the lane is cleared of all debris and evidence.

-It is also a good idea to use law officers with reflective coats as well as using red lights to warn the public.

-It is a good idea to implement an incident management system as a way to control the traffic scene, secure the perimeter of the accident or the pileup and to divert the public to alternate routes.

-Also, it’s essential for authorities to take control of the scene and to determine the causative factors behind the accident in question. It is also important to locate all victims, both dead and alive and to help transport them to the hospital for immediate treatment.

-You will need to ensure that the victim is safely ensconced, and is stable enough to allow for transportation to the nearest emergency room.

Basic steps in accident scene safety

The main objective of all authorized personnel from emergency workers to medical professionals is to locate all the accident victims and to transport them asap to the nearest emergency room safely.

But here are a few steps that you may want to take, to ensure safety for the victim, personnel and public at large.

1-Assess the scene: The first thing that you need to do is to assess the damage, the current environment and take measures to both protect the scene of the accident and ensure the safety of both accident victims as well as the public.

2-Divert traffic: You need to get the help of the public and get them to call in law enforcement officials. And with the help of the officials, set up barriers, block the road to all incoming traffic and help divert traffic to make sure that medical professionals can reach the victims quickly.

3-Assess the safety of the scene and determine if it continues to pose a danger to both public and the concerned authorities

4-Make sure that all the vehicles involved in the accident are turned off so as not to pose a risk to others

5-Control access to the scene at all times and ensure that only the necessary personnel are allowed access

6-Set up a first aid zone where medical professionals can help provide immediate treatment for those injured in the accident

7-Do not risk your own life in trying to help an accident victim, always make sure you take more than adequate precautions

8-It is important that you do not touch blood, with your bare hands.

Tips on helping accident victims

It is a good idea to wait for medical professionals before attempting first aid on your own. If the trauma care unit or the medical professionals are taking longer to arrive, you can go ahead and assess the victims and provide basic first aid.

-The first thing that you need to do when assessing victims of the accident is to determine the seriousness of the injuries, and determine who is seriously injured. You need to make sure that those who are severely wounded, get to be transported first to the emergency room.

-It is important that you do not move those who are severely injured, such as a broken neck, spine or similar injury. You need to make sure that the victims are comfortable, and provided with adequate blankets and cushions.

-You also need to make sure that you secure the head, hands and feet of the accident victims as frequently moving about an aggravate internal wounds.

-It is essential that you ensure that no victims are removed until the medical professional gets there to help transport the victim.

-Remember that internal injuries can be deadly, and that is why it is important not to move those seriously injured until and absolutely necessary.


In case of severe bleeding, and if the medical professionals have not yet arrived, secure the accident victim, apply emergency first aid to help staunch the blood, and stabilize the victim. It is important that you approach victims of the accident with care, compassion and sensitivity to the current situation.

Do remember that it is not your objective to assign blame to anyone. Always make sure to secure the accident scene and to help the victims while ensuring adequate medical care. These are some of the tips that you may want to consider when helping out a victim.


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