What is the preferred steering method to help reduce the possibility of losing control?

A. Hand-over-Hand Steering.

B. One-hand steering.

C. No hand steering.

D. Push-pull steering.

The answer is D: Push-pull steering method

The preferred steering method to help reduce the possibility of losing control is the push-pull steering method as with this technique you are seated well on the driver’s seat and have a secure grip on the steering wheel. Your hands never come in the way of deploying the airbags. The answer is explained in the details as below.

What is push-pull steering Method?

This method of steering is considered the most standard and highly recommended method. While you are driving your vehicle in a particular direction, you always tend to follow the push-pull-steering method.

By using this method, you can sit properly while driving, and also get a secured grip on the steering wheel. It is also considered as the safest mode of controlling the wheel while driving.

The central concept for the push-pull steering method is that the hands of the driver always stay on the irrespective side of the steering wheel. The hands never cross each other. So, while following this method the hands of the driver will never get in front of the deploying airbag.

It is considered by most of the people that the push-pull steering method is only applicable in the slow corners, but the same technique can also be used to tackle the sharp high-speed curves. Moreover, it gives you more control over the vehicle than the hand-over-hand method.

While driving in the right direction, the driver starts by pushing the steering wheel clockwise with his left hand until the 12 o’clock position is reached on the wheel whereas the right hand of the driver must glide across the wheel and remain in 3 o’clock position.

The driver should firmly hold the wheel with his right hand and move the wheel clockwise. At the same time, the left hand should move to the position of 6 o’clock.

Safety of push-pull steering method

The driver must follow certain rules while driving- he should follow the correct sitting posture while driving. If the driver follows the push-pull technique of steering, then he feels less tired on the roads having curves.

His hands never come in a criss-cross position, and the height of the arms always remains in the same position. The driver can also get a firm grip on the steering wheel by keeping their thumbs up.

While using the push-pull technique, the driver does not have to move their hands frequently even if they have to turn their vehicles multiple times. So, their hands feel less pain.

Standards of push-pull steering method

The push-pull method is considered as the most convenient and the safest mode of steering in almost every driving schools and by most of the instructors. But with time, the importance of this technique has also lost its position.

Drinking and eating inside the car was once considered as an offensive act while driving, but with the changing of time, they are not so offensive nowadays.

So, is the case with the steering technique. The push-pull technique which was once considered as the best and the safest one has now lost its importance and standard to a great extent.

For example, in most of the western countries like the U.S, the Driving Standard Agency has changed their examiner’s guide. Now the drivers only have to learn how to drive. They are not bound or forced to follow any certain technique of steering.

Now while taking the driving tests, the examiners only expect the drivers to steer smoothly and follow the correct time. They also expect that the drivers must avoid weaving in and out between the parked cars, and obey the line markings.

Key benefits of the push-pull method

It is already discussed that the push-pull method of steering is recommended by most of the driving instructors. So, to understand the benefits more clearly take a look at the following points.

While you are following the push-pull method, you can change the direction of your vehicle immediately due to the position of your hands which are always sides to side.

If you imagine your steering as a  clock, then you must hold your steering wheel at either a 10  to 2 or a quarter to three position.

By using this method of steering, you can avoid crossing your hands over one another while turning. It also restricts your hands from covering the airbag. If the airbag bursts from the steering wheel then your chest area are exposed to injury.

This method helps the driver to sit in a better position and with a better grip of the wheel as both the hands and the thumb are kept outside the wheel.

Another driving technique

Though there two steering methods involving both the hands that are recommended and approved by most of the driving instructors; the hand-over-hand and the push-pull steering methods.

In the hand-over-hand steering style, the driver uses both his hands alternately. Hand-over-hand steering is the method used by most drivers. Though it looks more efficient than the push-pull steering method, it is really not so.

The hand-over-hand driving technique involves bringing your arm in front of the airbag operation areas. If the airbag gets deployed when your arms are crossed, you might suffer from an injury into your face.

So, it is not the safest means of steering as compared to the push-pull method of steering. The other two steering methods such as one hand and no hand steering method does not meet the safety standards requirement.


While driving you should always keep both your hands on the steering wheel unless you change the gear or use any other control of your car. This will give you full control over the steering wheel even if you hit a pothole, or accidentally lose control over your vehicle.

But sometimes, one hand steering or left-hand steering is acceptable. Though most of the driver handbooks advise of keeping both the hands on the steering wheel, this will not work when the driver is backing up or parking the vehicle.

When they need to back up, they have to turn and look over their shoulder, which is just not possible by keeping both the hands on the steering.

The most important factor while driving is your comfort and control. Whatever method you choose, whether it is hand-over-hand or push-pull steering methods always remember that by following an uncomfortable method you will only lose control over the vehicle, and this may, in turn, cause an accident.


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