Which one of the following is one way to think about management?

A. The art of getting things done through people.

B. Make employees happy.

C. Manage the company money.

D. Build a good product.

The answer is A: The art of getting things done through people. The answer is explained in brief below.

Art of getting things done

With the new trends coming up in the market and revolutionary changes coming up, there is a great need to utilise various tools for the management of workflow. There are several ways according to which you can effectively balance out the workflow.

However, there are two significant steps for this. The first one is to gain as much knowledge as you can. This way you will be able to understand the concepts in a better way.

Art of getting things done requires proper organizational network.

Once you are done with it, just take a decision based on the knowledge that you have gained. This is the second major step. A lot of researches and studies have shown that when the mind of a human being is entirely free of thoughts, they are able to process things in a better way.

If you take the example of the computer, if the RAM of the computer is loaded, you won’t be able to work on it smoothly. If the data is not much, the working of the computer will be amazing. Similarly, if the mind has got open loops, it will be able to process things properly.

However, you won’t be able to load in too much data in your conscious mind. Your conscious mind will always help you out to focus on things.

You won’t be able to store things there. So, if you want to succeed and you have goals in your head, try writing them down on a piece of paper.

Thus, you will have your focus on them, and then you will be able to achieve them considering them as your goals for every day. Then you need to review them every day. Thus, you will build up something known as horizontal focus.

The five pillars of the art of getting things done

When you want to achieve a particular goal, you need to first focus on understanding the work, then organizing the means and ways of getting things done and then pondering over things that need your complete attention.

It is a proper organizational network. Under this system, you have no rules to guide you through the process of getting things done. Basically, there are five pillars to this process of getting things done.


You have to grab onto everything. For this, there is a need to write down everything or store it on an application or in a planner. But, there is a need to capture everything that is important. Plus, you need to have your hands on to it immediately.

For instance, if you get an idea, you should write it down immediately instead of delaying it for some time. The reason behind this is that if you delay things, you might forget something or the other.


When you write down something, pen it down in such a way that you are able to understand what it means. Write down the steps you will be taking to achieve them. If you have something in your head that can be achieved right away, then do that.

If you have to delegate tasks to people, then go ahead and do it. If you have to plan things, then implement the steps and execute them. Write a proper clarification to everything.


Set a proper time limit for everything and define the time zones as to when you will be completing the task. This way you will be organizing things that need time, and that can be achieved right away.


When you have prepared your to-do list with decent clarity, think about the next step that you will be taking in order to achieve them.

If the tasks are lousy, that you won’t be able to complete them right away, reorganise those tasks. Work ahead step by step to achieve the goals.


Once you have properly organized everything, the next plan of action would be to complete them and achieve your goals. So you need to work on them. You have a proper idea as to when you have to do them and which task is your priority. Go ahead and just implement your to-do list.

In a nutshell, by following the techniques or five pillars of getting things done, you will be able to take a look at each task and effectively implement them.

You know what you have to do and when you have to do. You have organized everything, and now you just need to accomplish them.

Follett inspired management tips

Mary Follett was a powerful woman in the management industry. She knew exactly how the tasks need to be achieved and became an inspiration for a lot of people.

In the world of management people actually took her teachings seriously. In the process of getting things done, here are some of the techniques of Follett that might inspire you in the world of management.

Choosing between “power over” and “power with”

It was seen that a lot of people used to focus more properly on their takes when they were given the option of power over.

People work effectively in a coercive environment as compared to coactive environment. Give people the power to operate through the tasks by way of their work and their decisions.

Valuing individuality and group efforts

Know that individuality and group efforts, both of them matter. There needs to be a balance between the two. In a group, you need to keep a check on the needs of an individual and the needs of the group collectively.

Get to know the powers and skills of people and then aware them with those skills. So that they know where they fit in, in the group.

Building a community

Work through the process of community formation. This way everyone will feel that they are being heard and nobody will feel left out. If someone is giving a suggestion and it is not that important to give them the option of reframing it or help them out in doing so.


In a nutshell, getting things done is an important process to succeed in the management world these days. If there is an appropriate implementation of these things, the companies will be able to gain profit in a better way.


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