What FAQ will tell you what TurboTax advantage is?

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The answer is D: Article id: GEN12504. Turbo tax is a famous tax preparation application used worldwide to calculate the tax. The FAQs in the Article: GEN12504 covers the turbo tax advantage.

What is TurboTax?

Turbo Tax is a software that is used for the preparation of tax returns in the United States of America and Canada. It offers an interface that is user-friendly for electronic filing and processing of tax returns applicable for businesses and individuals.

The software allows processing as well as e-filing of taxes for federal non-commercial tax returns free of cost.

This service can be used for free tax returns when the people who file have a gross income up till $28,500. In 2016, taxpayers who earned less than $33,000 as civilians and $64,000 as active military personnel got free tax processing through the software.

Absolute zero program

Under the AbsoluteZero program, the software is free for people who earn more than the limits mentioned earlier but less than $100,000 and who also:

  • Neither own a rental property nor a home.
  • Didn’t sell any investments in the applicable tax year.
  • Don’t have 1099 income and aren’t business owners.
  • Aren’t reporting any medical expenses that are major.

TurboTax updates the software every year to remain accurate in terms of revisions. They also offer a maximum guarantee of returns on paid versions as well as the 100% accuracy guarantee for all calculations.

It is CRA certified in Canada for NETFILE and partners with IRS through the Free File Alliance in the USA. The U.S Audit defense is an available option as well that allows users to defend their returns.

The application is compatible with both MAC as well as Windows operating system and is also available on tablets and smartphones as an app.

TurboTax advantage program

When someone signs up for the Turbo Tax advantage program, they get to receive the Turbo Tax product automatically, every year in November, unless they cancel or change the enrollment.

The subscriber is notified every year, before the charges are made on his/her credit card on record, for the price that is in effect at that point in time.

Notifications for the Advantage program benefits as well as product information for the new tax year is also sent out to subscribers. The program service can be cancelled at any given time and in order to upgrade or cancel the services you can edit your account at www.turbotax.com/renew.

You can also edit your payment information in there, in case of a change in credit card expiration or validity. In case your payment method reaches expiration date, and you don’t edit for payment method change then, Turbo Tax is automatically authorized to keep billing your account, unless you explicitly cancel the subscription.

The card is authorized prior to billing for prompt processing. The card is billed every time the product ships and is billed on TurboTax.com.

Online access for downloading prior-year TurboTax products is available as well, for three years from the date of making the purchase. If the customer is not satisfied, they can contact the customer care for a full refund within 60 days from purchase.

The advantage of Turbo tax advantage

The main advantage of Turbo Tax Advantage is convenience. You can download the pre-ordered software, as soon as it is available, even before a physical CD arrives in your mail.

As a member of Turbo Tax Advantage, customers will get live phone support through an exclusive line for members only. They also give free shipping, and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Some important frequently asked questions

Q1. How to find out if customers have a Turbo Tax Advantage subscription?

Ans. To find out if one is a member of Turbo Tax Advantage or not, just sign in to the home page for Turbo Tax Advantage. If you see a Sign-Up button, then it means you aren’t a member. In order to subscribe for the service simply click on the sign-up button and follow instructions to apply.

Q2. How can one confirm or update the information in their Turbo Tax Advantage account?

Ans. First, you must sign in to your account, and you will see multiple options on top for updates. Select the option you need and follow instructions. You can call on the toll-free number for assistance in the correspondence page. If you have recently updated information and still receive reminders for updating, then please disregard the emails.

Q3. How to update a declined credit card for an order of Turbo Tax Advantage?
 Ans: Update the information in the following two parts:

1-Update payment information for only this year’s order

  • Locate the current year’s order through the Order Status option
  • Enter the requested information. The declined payment email will give you the needed information.
  • Choose the button for UPDATE.
  • If needed fill in your login information.
  • Then update the billing information. Now the order should be complete.

2-Updating the account payment information for the annual recurring charges beginning next year

  • Sign-in to your Turbo Tax Advantage account.
  • Select the option to update the credit card.
  • Enter the new payment information and select the option to update the information.
Q. 4. How to cancel the Turbo tax Advantage subscription?
Ans. You can cancel your subscription by removing all products in the account.

1-Sign in to your account.

2-Go to the TurboTax Advantage tab. You must be able to see products listed. If you don’t, you are in the wrong account. Use the Account Recovery Tool to see the list of all your accounts with TurboTax and then sign in accordingly.

3-Select the Remove Product option for all selected products. Once all have been removed, you will see the message – “your subscription has been cancelled”.

4-If you also want to remove your credit card details, you do either of the following:
Go to the My Account link and the “your subscription has been cancelled” message

5-Go to Update Personal Info and delete the payment details.


Turbo Tax is a widely used software for the tax-related services and comes with different programs with its own set of FAQs. To know about Turbo Tax advantage, users can check the FAQ with Article id: GEN12504 once they subscribe to the program. You can also write to support team for any other help and information about the program.


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