About us

www.lifeder.com is a reference website founded in 2014, whose main purpose is to transmit educational content created by specialists in different subjects: Psychology, Medicine, Administration, Economy, History, Maths, etc.

In Lifeder.com we give importance to the reliability, accuracy and veracity of the articles we publish. For this we use reliable sources.

Our writers

Over the years, hundreds of writers have collaborated on Lifeder.com. From Graduates in Language and Literature, through Journalists, to Psychologists specialized in Neuroscience.

Quality and reliability

We put our effort into creating content based on reliable references and created by specialists from the different subjects that we deal with. In all articles you can find a list of references that support it, with which you can expand or verify information.

If you think something should be corrected, you can write to info@lifeder.com or contact us.

Want to join our team?

If you are a specialist in a subject, high school teacher or university professor and are interested in writing, write to info@lifeder.com.